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The Brixham Guide
"Brixham on the English Riviera in Devon"

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The Brixham Guide

The Brixham Guide is The Visitor Guide to Brixham in Devon, a portal to the holiday resort of Brixham, containing tourist information about holiday accommodation, beaches & attractions of this famous harbour town.

Brixham´s picturesque harbour is home to Sir Frances Drakes replica "The Golden Hind".

Brixham in Devon, one of the 3 towns making up the English Riviera, is a marvellous place to visit, it also has a ferry service to Torquay, so why not have a day out by taking a relaxed trip across the bay, one of the must do things to do while your here on holiday visiting Torbay.

Brixham with its picturesque cottages and quant harbour has a thriving tourist industry and a new marina with all the trappings of luxury boating, it definitely has to be on your list of places to visit while you are here in Devon.

The town's outer harbour is protected by a long breakwater, which at about a mile long makes a pleasant & interesting walk, it is also useful for sea angling.

The picturesque town of Brixham still has a working harbour, and is home to one of England and Wales most successful fishing fleets which regularly lands more value than any UK port outside of Scotland. The harbour is surrounded by many quant fisherman´s cottages, it is a great place to visit, take a stroll around the harbour and any stress will quickly evaporate away.

About half a mile from the harbour, just pass the marina is Breakwater Cove with its imposing breakwater, penetrating into the sea for about a mile; it keeps the inner harbour safe during the violent winter storms. You can walk its entire length to the light house and is a must while staying here in Brixham.

The town is hilly, and built around the harbour which remains in use as a dock for fishing trawlers; in addition, it has a focal tourist attraction in the replica of Sir Francis Drake´s ship the Golden Hind that is permanently moored there.

It is thought that the name 'Brixham' came from Brioc's village. 'Brioc' was an old English personal name and '-ham' is an ancient term for village.

In summer, the Cowtown carnival is held; this is a reminder of when Brixham was two separate communities, with only a marshy lane to connect them. Cowtown was where the farmers lived, at the top of the hill, while about a mile away, the seamen made their homes near the harbour in Fishtown.

Fishcoome Cove in Brixham is where William III of Orange landed with his Dutch army of 20,000 men, on 5th November, 1688, during the Glorious Revolution, and many local people still have Dutch surnames, being direct descendants of soldiers in that army. A road leading from the harbour up a steep hill to where the Dutch made their camp, is still called Overgang, meaning 'transition' in Dutch.

Brixham has 4 other coves, Shoalstone Cove, Fishcombe Cove, Churston Cove and St Marys Bay.

Brixham Beaches

Breakwater Beach
Churston Cove
Fishcombe Cove
Shoalstone Beach & Shoalstone Pool
St Marys Bay


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