Goodrington Nostalgia


Louville Holiday Park Circa 1960s Goodrington

Goodrington Nostalgia

This certainly brings back memories to me of our holidays here at Goodrington in the 1960´s.
From the age of about 7 to 15, my parents with my sister and I, stayed here at Louville Holiday Park every year for 2 weeks at Whitsun in one of the caravans, ours was always one of the larger 6 birth caravans on the front by the slip road.

I remember their was no TV´s, so we had to bring our own portable, also we had to get water from a stand pipe which was my chore as a child, I remember thinking "this water tastes strange", which to me coming from London, it had a different taste to the tap water I was accustomed to, and was told "it´s got a lot of iron in it" !!, I´m still not sure if that was true.

All those years ago, walking down the lane to Goodrington Sands, my parents and I would always be saying "It would be lovely to live here", never dreaming that one day, I would, in this very lane that brings back so many memories.

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