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Paignton Sands Beach

Paignton Sands

Welcome to the holiday resort of Paignton with its long red sanded and gently sloping beach where you can hire pedalos, deck chairs, or sun loungers. At middle to low tide you can walk between Paignton Sands and Preston Sands, as they become one vast beach.

Paignton Sands is instantly recognized by its 235 metre pleasure pier which was opened in June 1879. Adjoining the beach is Paignton Harbour with plenty of fishing boats and pleasure boats offering trips along the breathtakingly beautiful South Devon coastline, and also up the River Dart through Dartmouth to Totnes.

Paignton was once a small fishing village until the 19th century and is mentioned in records dating back to the Domesday Book of 1086 AD, back then it was spelled both as Peynton and Paington and become popular as a holiday resort in the Victorian era, it was around this time that the modern spelling of Paignton first appeared, and now Paignton relies heavily on tourism. Paignton´s businesses are therefore very tourism orientated with plenty of pubs, restaurants, amusements, clubs, and discos for the young and young at heart, to waterside bars with outside seating and a wealth of live entertainment.

Paignton pier

Paignton Harbour

Paignton Seafront Lights at Night

Just a stroll across the road from the beach and there are plenty of inns with outside seating to have a meal or a drink with the sea just metres away, or have a wonder through the town where there are lots of cafes and restaurants.

Next to the beach is Paignton Green offering the perfect spot for a game of cricket or rounders, or just to sit and relax, also in the summer months there are a number of exciting family events staged here, also on the green is The Paignton Geo Play Park which is designed around the English Riviera´s geological history, next to which is the Apollo cinema and Pirates Bay - an 18 hole pirate themed adventure golf course full of fun and adventure for adults and children alike.

One of Paignton´s best known attractions is Paignton Zoo Environmental Park, an education and scientific charity dedicated to conserving our global wildlife heritage and inspiring in its many visitors a life long respect for animals and the environment.

There are 5 Paignton Beaches, Broadsands Beach, Elberry Cove, Goodrington Sands, Paignton Sands and Preston Sands. Paignton also has another 3 small coves, the first two are Saltern Cove & Oyster Cove which are next to Goodrington Sands Beach and the other, Fairy Cove is next to Paignton Harbour.

Goodrington Sands Beach - The perfect place to be for your Paignton holiday by the sea

Paignton Sands Beach - The perfect place to be for your Paignton holiday by the sea

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